Dave ThomasDave Thomas – Simplicity – the road not taken?

It appears that there is a complexity conspiracy seeking to make the development of even straightforward applications difficult. To be successful today one needs to cope with the full-stack – a constantly changing collection of languages, APIs, tools and frameworks. It appears that complexity begets complexity? Yet most applications are not intrinsically complicated! In this talk, we look at simple proven techniques which provide improved productivity and quality. They have stood the test of time, but unfortunately, are not well known to most developers………….Read more

To Register: Perth May 16 | Hong Kong May 22

Tanya Windscheffel – ‘Leadership’ to ‘First Time Parent’ to ‘Working Parent’…….lets make this better!

Sharing some true stories about the journey of ‘Leadership’ to ‘First Time Parent’ to ‘Working Parent’ and all the bits in between. I have recently been through this journey myself and want to share some of my experiences as well as other leaders, both mums and dads, who have recently been through this experience, with the view to making this better for the next people to go on this incredible journey………….Read more

To Register: Perth May 08