YOW! Lunch 2019 Perth – Tanya Windscheffel – May 8

‘Leadership’ to ‘First Time Parent’ to ‘Working Parent’…….lets make this better!

Sharing some true stories about the journey of ‘Leadership’ to ‘First Time Parent’ to ‘Working Parent’ and all the bits in between. I have recently been through this journey myself and want to share some of my experiences as well as other leaders, both mums and dads, who have recently been through this experience, with the view to making this better for the next people to go on this incredible journey.

Our community talks a lot about what companies should provide women once they have had a baby, however I believe we are missing the crucial stages; before/during/after, where our new parents really need help. I am going to talk about some recent experiences of becoming new parents in our industry and what other areas we are not talking enough about as leaders of our industry to make this journey better for all involved.

I will reflect on what I believe are the four key stages of this journey and share stories, with the view to opening a discussion about some other topics for us to start improving as a community.

  1. Pre-pregnancy
  2. During pregnancy
  3. Parental Leave
  4. Becoming a working parent

YOW! Night 2019 Sydney – Andreas Ehn – Apr 9

From product and platform architecture to scaling backend systems, and hiring a world-class engineering team, Andreas will share lessons he’s learned throughout his career

Passionate about building companies and internet services, Andreas’ career has spanned numerous technical executive management and advisory positions during which he has been responsible for the product, tech and teams.

His specialties are tech recruiting, systems architecture, open-source software and licenses, seeing the business and transformational potential of new technology and inspiring people.

He is also frequently hired as an advisor by promising startups, venture capital funds and corporates.

Ehn will discuss these experiences and delve deeper in the questions you want to know.

Functional Architecture

By – Jed Wesley-Smith – Brisbane, April 9

Functional Programming has shown the benefits of removing mutation and side-effects, resulting in programs fundamentally simpler and more composable. Nonetheless, many of these programs still rely on applying side-effects to external systems such as databases, file-systems or external services. What happens if we apply these ideas to systems and application architecture, can it make whole systems fundamentally simpler to reason about, build and operate.

Functional approaches to architecture have other key benefits such as being naturally suited to audit and reversion of state to previous versions. They tend to have lower operational risk associated with them. Functional architectures significantly reduce complexity in distributed systems.

This talk looks at the history of systems and applications built with an underlying functional architectures such as journaled file-systems and databases, event sourcing, and content-addressable storage, as well as how these ideas enable.

We’ll see that there is an underlying philosophy of FP that can be brought to most aspects of system design and architecture, even while presenting a mutable face to the world.



Jed Wesley-Smith is a programming philosopher, concerned with how software behaves, scales and composes. He has been a functional programmer for the last 11 years, having discovered FP as a technique to simplify intractable concurrency problems, and then became such an enthusiastic proponent he was nicknamed Captain Immutable at Atlassian. Jed is currently Director of Engineering at Simple Machines, is a YOW! Evangelist, as well as a co-organiser of the FP-Syd and ScalaSyd user-groups.



5:30 pm   Welcome networking with refreshments

6:00 pm   Presentation followed by Q&A



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Dave Thomas

Simplicity – The Road Not Taken?

By – Dave Thomas – May 16 – Perth, May 22 – Hong Kong

It appears that there is a complexity conspiracy seeking to make the development of even straightforward applications difficult.

To be successful today one needs to cope with the full-stack – a constantly changing collection of languages, APIs, tools and frameworks.

It appears that complexity begets complexity? Yet most applications are not intrinsically complicated!

In this talk, we look at simple proven techniques which provide improved productivity and quality. They have stood the test of time, but unfortunately, are not well known to most developers. These techniques reduce the gap between the product owner and developer usually reducing amount code which must be developed. They have been applied to problems in almost every industry banking to real-time control. They don’t depend on a particular language or technology hence large portions of an application can be moved easily from legacy technology to modern technology. We discuss the techniques and provide case studies of their use in major applications.

YOW! DDD By Night 2019 – Kevlin Henney – Mar 5 Perth

YOW! DDD By Night? DDD by YOW! Night? – whichever way you slice it, YOW! and DDD Perth are excited to kick off 2019 with our special guest Kevlin Henney. Kevlin is a software architect, software design and patterns expert, and is one of Europe’s most popular keynote speakers.



Kevlin is an independent consultant and trainer based in the UK. His development interests are in patterns, programming, practice and process. He has been a columnist for various magazines and web sites, including Better Software, The Register, Application Development Advisor, Java Report and the C/C++ Users Journal. Kevlin is co-author of A Pattern Language for Distributed Computing and On Patterns and Pattern Languages, two volumes in the Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture series. He is also editor of the 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know site and book.



5:30 pm   Welcome networking with refreshments

6:00 pm   Presentation followed by Q&A



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The Game Has Changed – Jeff Patton – Feb 27 Sydney

We all know how fast technology changes. But, we sometimes fail to understand how fast our process needs to change to keep up. This talk is about how 21st century software development has thrown out most of the process assumptions you might have originally learned. Jeff Patton will explain how Product Thinking, Lean Startup Thinking, and Continuous Delivery have fundamentally changed how we design and build software.



Jeff Patton is highly regarded in the Agile community for his work around experience and product design. Jeff helps organisations improve the way they work to build products they’re proud of. Where many development processes focus on delivery speed and efficiency, Jeff balances those concerns with the need for building products that deliver exceptional value and marketplace success. To do this he teaches a blend of thinking and process styles including solid product management, agile development, design thinking, lean startup, lean user experience, and raw pragmatism.

Jeff has filled almost all roles in software development from lead engineer to UI designer. His product leadership career spans 20 plus years and a wide variety of products from on-line aircraft parts ordering to electronic medical records. He’s known as the person who created and popularised Story Mapping, a user-centric approach to working with agile user stories. Jeff was an early thought leader on blending agile and UX practice. His current articles, essays, and presentations can be found at www.jpattonassociates.com. His writing and recorded talks appear in StickyMinds.com, Better Software Magazine, IEEE Software, InfoQ, Alistair Cockburn’s Book Crystal Clear, and his best-selling book, User Story Mapping. Jeff was recognised for outstanding contributions to Agile Development by the Agile Alliance in 2007 with the Gordon Pask Award. He is a Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainer (CST).



5:30 pm   Welcome networking with refreshments

6:00 pm   Presentation followed by Q&A



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