YOW! Lunch 2019 Perth – Tanya Windscheffel – May 8

‘Leadership’ to ‘First Time Parent’ to ‘Working Parent’…….lets make this better! Sharing some true stories about the journey of ‘Leadership’ to ‘First Time Parent’ to ‘Working Parent’ and all the bits in between. I have recently been through this journey myself and want to share some of my experiences as well as other leaders, both […]

YOW! Night 2019 Sydney – Andreas Ehn – Apr 9

From product and platform architecture to scaling backend systems, and hiring a world-class engineering team, Andreas will share lessons he’s learned throughout his career Passionate about building companies and internet services, Andreas’ career has spanned numerous technical executive management and advisory positions during which he has been responsible for the product, tech and teams. His […]

Functional Architecture

By – Jed Wesley-Smith – Brisbane, April 9 Functional Programming has shown the benefits of removing mutation and side-effects, resulting in programs fundamentally simpler and more composable. Nonetheless, many of these programs still rely on applying side-effects to external systems such as databases, file-systems or external services. What happens if we apply these ideas to systems […]

Dave Thomas

Simplicity – The Road Not Taken?

By – Dave Thomas – May 16 – Perth, May 22 – Hong Kong It appears that there is a complexity conspiracy seeking to make the development of even straightforward applications difficult. To be successful today one needs to cope with the full-stack – a constantly changing collection of languages, APIs, tools and frameworks. It appears […]

YOW! DDD By Night 2019 – Kevlin Henney – Mar 5 Perth

YOW! DDD By Night? DDD by YOW! Night? – whichever way you slice it, YOW! and DDD Perth are excited to kick off 2019 with our special guest Kevlin Henney. Kevlin is a software architect, software design and patterns expert, and is one of Europe’s most popular keynote speakers.   ABOUT THE PRESENTER: KEVLIN HENNEY Kevlin is […]

The Game Has Changed – Jeff Patton – Feb 27 Sydney

We all know how fast technology changes. But, we sometimes fail to understand how fast our process needs to change to keep up. This talk is about how 21st century software development has thrown out most of the process assumptions you might have originally learned. Jeff Patton will explain how Product Thinking, Lean Startup Thinking, […]