YOW! Night 2018 on Microservices

Microservices – Breaking up the Monolith

Live Coding systems encourage us to think extremely differently about programming languages. In addition to considering standard requirements such as reliability, efficiency and correctness we are also forced to deal with issues such as liveness, coordination and synchronization all whilst working in real time.

Live Coders not only run and modify our code live — they often performing with it live on stage in front of large crowds of people who really don’t want the code to miss a beat. In this code and demo-heavy talk, Sam will introduce the motivation for Sonic Pi – a system designed specifically for live coding music – before taking a deep technical dive into the internal ideas and innovations. The audience will explore Sonic Pi’s novel temporal semantics which allows multiple concurrent threads to execute in synchronization whilst still allowing live hot-swapping of code.

Ultimately, everyone will discover an exciting an exciting area of programming language research in an approachable and instructive manner all whilst making some sick beats and drops.



Dr Sam Aaron is the creator of Sonic Pi, a researcher at the University Of Cambridge and an internationally renowned live coding performer, public speaker and science communicator. Sam has regularly appeared on the BBC especially as part of their education team. This included one of their live lessons which was broadcast live to over 70,000 children. Sam regularly engages audiences of all ages and backgrounds with the creativity of code by delivering keynotes, workshops and performances.

Blog: http://sam.aaron.name/

Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/samaaronuk/videos 



5:30 pm   Welcome networking with refreshments

6:00 pm   Presentation followed by Q&A



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