YOW! Night 2018 Sydney – Zhamak Dehghani – Mar 27

API Gateway to Service Mesh: Navigating a Changing Landscape
Reflecting back on 2017, Service mesh has undoubtedly been one of the most exciting advances in infrastructure support for microservices and distributed systems architecture. However the introduction of service mesh into the architecture has raised questions around applicability of API gateway, which has led to many gateway vendors rethinking their product strategy and roadmap.

Both API gateway and service mesh address overlapping needs while neither alone provides all the API & service management capabilities; the capabilities that a modern distributed architecture must support for the autonomous teams to discover and consume APIs, which are built on a scalable, reliable and secure microservices foundation.

In this talk I am going to demystify the role of service mesh and API gateway in the architecture and the capabilities each provide.

If you are a technical lead or an architect on your journey towards a microservices architecture and need to make decisions around how to best utilise API gateway and service mesh, I will help you by walking you through a few reference architectures and insights into different products to get the most out of these technologies in a rapidly changing landscape.


Zhamak Dehghani works with ThoughtWorks as a principal consultant, with a focus on distributed systems architecture and digital platform strategy at Enterprise.

She is a member of the ThoughtWorks Technology Advisory Board and contributes to the creation of the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar.

Zhamak has worked as a software engineer and architect for 20 years in the areas of distributed computing communications,

as well as embedded device technologies and she has contributed to multiple patents on embedded mobile sensing devices.


5:30 pm Welcome networking with refreshments

6:00 pm Presentation followed by Q&A



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