Dave Thomas

YOW! Night 2017 Singapore – Dave Thomas & Thomas Kearney – Sept 13

The Joy of Vector Programming

In this talk, Dave and Tom will explain why vector or array programming (technically applicative functional programming) is so empowering and important in a data driven world. Many experienced vector programmers will be surprised to learn how vector programming applies outside of finance to unstructured applications such as text analytics, graph analytics and visual analytics. Dave will also discuss recent hardware innovations that can be leveraged by vector programming. YOW Night attendees will have the opportunity to meet and talk with vector developers employed in both real-time streaming and big data analytics.


Our upcoming Meetup offers a great opportunity to hear from Dave Thomas, a highly regarded thought leader in the Big Fast Data Analytics space. Dave is the Chief Scientist/CSO of Kx Systems and has a long standing reputation in the software industry. He was also Co-Founder and past Chairman of Bedarra Research Labs (BRL) (creators of the Ivy visual analytics workbench and ACM Distinguished Engineer) and founder and past CEO of Object Technology International (OTI). YOW! was also founded by Dave in 2008, as a passion project focusing on shared learning.

Dave is a popular, humorous, albeit opinionated keynote speaker with an impressive breadth of business experience and technical depth. Dave currently heads Kx Labs and is dedicated to discovering new ideas and transforming them into innovative software solutions that build on existing Kx technologies.


7:00 pm Welcome networking with refreshments

7:30 pm Presentation followed by Q&A

8:15 pm Open discussion




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