What I Learned while Teaching Kids at Flying Robot School – 9, 11 , 17 Aug


Kids at country schools face more barriers to further education after secondary school than their city counterparts. Of those kids continuing after secondary school, fewer are choosing STEM streams, and too few of them are girls.

To make an impact on this issue, in 2014 Pete Cohen, Paula Ngov, and I founded Flying Robot School (FRS). FRS teaches rural kids the theory, flying, and coding of drones to solve real-world problems.

In this talk I will tell the story of what happened when we took drones to schools, and what we have learned. I’ll explain how the kids have benefited and how benefits also flowed to our employers, sponsors, and ourselves.

FRS is how we wanted to tackle a social issue that concerned us, but there are many great ways to make a social impact with your tech skills. This talk will offer some ways to think about the types of impact your skills can make, how to apply them for maximum effect, and why the benefits outweigh the effort.

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ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Daryl Wilding-McBride

Daryl is the CTO at DiUS, where he leads the evaluation and adoption of new technology. He is a co-founder of Flying Robot School, and a CASA-certified Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) controller.



5.30 PM Welcome networking with refreshments

6.30 PM Presentation followed by Q&A





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