CD & Microservices in a Polyglot Environment – 10, 11, 12 March


The virtues of continuous delivery are widely understood and accepted by organisations which value fast feedback cycles, reduced risk through incremental delivery of smaller changes and the ability to respond quickly to external factors. Furthermore if microservices are part of your architecture, then the ability to rapidly deploy multiple components of a system become increasingly important.

The foundations of scripting, automation and more recently containers made *nix-based systems the first target for automated deployments and subsequently continuous delivery. With the advent of some new tooling and a bit of courage these principles can now be applied to more heterogeneous environments including those from Redmond.

Using their backgrounds in automating large-scale ruby and java-based deployments, Warner and Matt embarked on a journey with SEEK to increase their agility by enabling continuous delivery – typically multiple times per day. This is their story.

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As a Senior Consultant at DiUS, Warner Godfrey helps customers use DevOps to deploy software continuously, and agile development methodologies to respond flexibly to changes as they arise. Having spent most of his career developing and deploying apps to Linux, he has recently learnt a thing or two about applying the same patterns in the Microsoft ecosystem. Philosophically, he believes that people are more suited to creative endeavours than to follow strict instructions. The solution… automate everything!


Matt Fellows is a self-described polyglot and Senior Engineer at DiUS where he believes that “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler” (Einstein). Working alongside Warner at SEEK, he has been challenging teams to think differently about software delivery, and has found a home improving the development environment and build automation tooling. He believes that the ingredients for success are a relentless focus on the business outcome and a passionate, empowered cross-functional team.


Terrence Benade is an Agile Architect at SEEK. He is an aspiring polyglot who loves trying to live up to his nickname of Benade the grenade. He is constantly fretting over what we can do next to get more by doing less while compromising on nothing. He says he no longer has an allegiance to any stack and is constantly inspired by the selfless contribution of the open source community. Terry hates waiting in queues!



This YOW! Night was proudly sponsored by DiUS.

DiUS is an Australian technology services organisation that helps companies make an impact through: custom-designing and building brand new digital products to enter new markets; transforming digital products to claw back market share; creating a faster prototyping capability to experiment and validate new ideas and markets; dramatically improve a company’s speed to market, giving it the ability to focus on improving customer experience.

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