Software Architecture as Code – Simon Brown – 3, 12 Aug

SUMMARY Over the past few years, I’ve been distilling software architecture down to its essence, helping organisations adopt a lightweight style of software architecture that complements agile approaches. This includes doing “just enough” up front design to understand the significant structural elements of the software, some lightweight sketches to communicate that vision to the team, […]

Michael Spayd & Michael Hamman – 13 Aug

What Would it Take to Have an Agile Enterprise? SUMMARY Enterprise agility as an aspiration is coming into increasingly common currency. But what would it take to have an Agile enterprise? In this session, we teach you to see from four fundamental perspectives what an agile enterprise would actually look like. Having established this vision, […]

Fred George / Kevin Lynagh – Agile JIT / ClojureScript – 3, 4 June

SUMMARY Agile borrowed from the JIT manufacturing processes originally at Toyota. The Agile  Manifesto itself summarized the key aspects brought into programming from JIT. Original Agile processes like eXtreme Programming (XP) brought breathtaking speed of delivery to a waterfall world. But Agile has not stood still. From XP’s original (and aggressive) 2­3 week iterations, we […]

Sam Newman – Principles Of Microservices – 8 Apr

SUMMARY “Microservices are small services with independent lifecycles that work together”. There is an underlying tension in that definition: how independent can you be when you have to be part of a whole? Sam Newman has spent much of the last couple of years trying to understand how to find the right balance, and in […]

2 Years of Real World FP at REA – Ken Scambler – 13, 15, 16 Apr

SUMMARY Functional Programming has dramatically risen to mainstream prominence in the last decade, on the back of multi-core processors and growing developer disillusionment with the dominant OO paradigm. Frustrated with Java’s limitations, REA’s Residential team moved to Scala in 2013, to take better advantage of the benefits afforded by FP. After almost two years and […]

CD & Microservices in a Polyglot Environment – 10, 11, 12 March

SUMMARY The virtues of continuous delivery are widely understood and accepted by organisations which value fast feedback cycles, reduced risk through incremental delivery of smaller changes and the ability to respond quickly to external factors. Furthermore if microservices are part of your architecture, then the ability to rapidly deploy multiple components of a system become […]