Clojure: Lisp for the Real World – Stuart Sierra & Nilanjan Raychaudhuri – 9 May

Clojure: Lisp for the Real World (Stuart Sierra)

Clojure is a new dynamic language targeting the Java Virtual Machine, the .NET Common Language Runtime, and JavaScript. Clojure builds on the long history of Lisp-based languages while embracing modern platforms and pragmatic design. This talk is an introduction to Clojure and its core concepts: immutable values, code as data, software transactional memory, generic data access, and polymorphism without classes.


Scaling Up and out with Akka(Nilanjan Raychaudhuri)

Developing concurrent and/or distributed applications often involves choosing between productivity and scalability: do I use easy-to-understand paradigms that don’t provide maximal throughput, or do I create complex and fast code that’s difficult to understand and maintain? This session introduces Akka, which was designed to eliminate the need to make this choice by adopting the actor concurrency model found in other languages such as Erlang and bringing it to the JVM. It is designed to both scale up (by using multiple cores or CPUs on a single machine) and out (by distributing work among multiple VMs) and to support both via configuration and automatic VM clustering rather than code changes.


About the Presenters
Stuart Sierra has been involved in Clojure/core since (almost) the very beginning and is the author of many open-source Clojure ilbraries. He helped found the Program on Law & Technology at Columbia Law School, where he built, the first real-world Clojure web applications and open-source search engine for legal references. He is the co-author, with Luke VanderHart, of the book ClojureScript: Up and Running and Practical Clojure.


Nilanjan Raychaudhuri is a consultant/trainer and core member of Play framework. He works for Typesafe. He has more than 12 years of experience managing and developing software solutions in Java, Ruby, Groovy and also in Scala. He is zealous about programming in Scala ever since he got introduced to this beautiful language. He enjoys sharing his experience via talks in various conferences and he is also the author of the Scala in Action book.



5:30pm Welcome networking with refreshments
6:00pm Presentations “Clojure: Lisp for the Real World” and “Scaling Up and out with Akka” followed by Q&A
7:30pm Networking refreshments and close





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