Clojure: Lisp for the Real World – Stuart Sierra & Nilanjan Raychaudhuri – 9 May

Clojure: Lisp for the Real World (Stuart Sierra) Clojure is a new dynamic language targeting the Java Virtual Machine, the .NET Common Language Runtime, and JavaScript. Clojure builds on the long history of Lisp-based languages while embracing modern platforms and pragmatic design. This talk is an introduction to Clojure and its core concepts: immutable values, code […]

From Macro to Micro – Sam Newman – 2, 3, 8 July

From Macro to Micro: How Big Should Your Services Be? Sam Newman, Technical Consultant, ThoughtWorks Lots of people are talking about Micro Services. But how micro is micro? And while we’re at it, what is a micro service anyway? This session will briefly introduce the concept of microservices, and why they are important. But then […]

Big Data Analytics Sydney Meetup 27 Aug

SUMMARY This meetup is a joint event with Big Data Analytics (Sydney) group and YOW! We now have three speakers lined up to continue the journey into a world of Big Data Analytics. We are very fortunate to have this month’s event co-sponsored by YOW!, NICTA and DiUS, so there will be an ample supply […]

Programming with Purity – Joe Albahari – 1, 2, 3 Oct

SUMMARY We take for granted that the goto statement is bad. Instead, we employ alternatives that make our code easier to understand and reason over, namely structured looping constructs such as while-loops and for-loops. But have you ever considered that functional programmers look down on our looping constructs (or more specifically, our impure use of […]