SydJS – Sydney – 13 Sept

The Quest for Reusable JS

JS is everywhere. We can use it in the browser, on a webserver and that’s just the start. Most of the code that people are writing, however, is generally implemented with only one of those platforms in mind. We can do better though, and target multiple platforms without waiting for future versions of JS to make it work.

This talk will cover writing code for the browser, NodeJS and other platforms with a strong focus on writing code once and only once. It’s the result of two years worth of skinned knees and lessons learnt due to the stubborness of one certain individual.

This should be a thought provoking session, with plenty of time for both questions and heckling.

Topics covered:

JS Module approaches: CommonJS, AMD etc
The pros and cons of having a build process for your JS library/app
Testing approaches that work in multiple environments
JS Framworks: Do they help or hinder reusability?

About the Presenter: Damon Oehlman

Damon Oehlman is an experienced application developer who is passionate about both web technologies and developer productivity (and is quite likely to rant on either topic given the chance). He currently works with [Kondoot] as a JS specialist, and works on a number of [OpenSource projects] as part of his role there and also in his free time.


ShareJS: Let’s delete the save button

What do Google Docs, Trello and World of Warcraft have in common? Everybody can see changes happen live. And none of them need a stupid save button to do it. Your application should work lije this soon, and it should be easy.

I’ll be introducing ShareJS, which is a little NodeJS library for solving this problem. It implements the operational transform tech behind Google Wave and Docs, so you can perform live editing on text and JSON documents. I’ll explain how it works and how you can use it to make your apps awesome.

About the Presenter: Joseph Gentle
Joseph Gentle is a polyglot programmer who programs all the things. Joseph worked at Google on the ill-fated Google Wave project and still plans to bring the technology to every corner of the globe. He has half a PhD in artificial intelligence, was on a reality TV show (Nerds FC), does GameJams and trapeze. He’s currently teaching programming at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, and making kick-arse open software whenever he can.




Introducing Nodelay: A next-generation Devops framework built on Node and Actor-Network Theory, or: when all you have is a massively parallel hammer, everything looks like a cluster of nails.

This is a story. Not just any story, a story of two star cross’d lovers. Born far apart, they are thrust together by circumstance and, ultimately, discover that they have more to unite than divide them.

I am speaking, of course of Node.JS and Devops. The former a bright young rising star, the latter an old warrier given one last shot at redemption. Sparks will fly as the two try to overcome their different backgrounds and learn to make a life together.

Will old flame Ruby snatch Devops away? Is Node.JS ready to settle down and start a family? Can Node help Devops overcome it’s harrowing shell script addiction? And will Uncle Nagios ever shut up? Stay tuned to find out!

About the Presenter: Sam Gentle
Sam Gentle is a software developer, occasional freelance writer and terrible social networker. He has worked in and around web development for about five years, which is when he started realising why people drink so much. He likes British TV, long walks on the beach, data binding frameworks and talking about himself in the third person.


5.30pm – Welcome with drinks and light food

6.00pm – Presentation with Q & A following

7.30pm – Networking drinks following presentation


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