MelbJS – Melbourne – 12 Sept

A principled tool for building large JavaScript applications

JavaScript is everywhere – but it’s difficult to build large applications with. Part of the reason is weak typing and mutation.

This talk will show off some of Roy’s features and how they solve practical problems encountered with plain JavaScript.Roy is designed to help with building large applications. It is a statically-typed, functional programming language that compiles to JavaScript. It takes ideas from Haskell, Scala and OCaml and brings them over to the JavaScript community. It features global type-inference, structural types, algebraic data types, pattern matching, monadic notation and very clean JavaScript output.


About the Presenter: Brian McKenna

Brian McKenna is a functional programming and language nerd. He’s a huge fan of making software correctness easier by using types and automated specification-based tests. He’s working on a program language for his day job and Roy as a hobby.


An Intro into ClojureScript

This talk will present an overview of ClojureScript – a version of the Clojure language that compiles to JavaScript. I will give a brief overview of Clojure, show you how ClojureScript works, where it is awesome, where it sucks and why you should look at it anyway.

About the Presenter: Kornelis Sietsma

Agile Developer, ThoughtWorker, lover of pragmatism and idealism, appropriately mixed: fan of Clojure, Functional Programming, Ruby and JavaScript done right.


Test-Driven Node.js Development with Grunt

In this session we’ll use Grunt to create a new Node.js module and test-drive it. We’ll finish up by pushing it to GitHub, setting up continuous integration and publishing it to npm.

About the Presenter: Mark Dalgleish

Mark Dalgleish works as a UI Engineer in Melbourne. He’s obsessed with everything web and loves using JavaScript, CSS and HTML to create rich experiences that resonate with end useres. In his spare time, he loves experimenting with the latest web technologies, sharing projects online and helping others learn progressive web development techniques.


5.30pm – Welcome with drinks and light food

6.00pm – Presentation with Q & A following

7.30pm – Networking drinks following presentation


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