Design Eye for a Dev Guy – Julian Boot – 18 Oct

A crash course in pre-attentive visual processing

Users today expect a great experience. The expected level of fit-and-finish in user interfaces has increased rapidly over the last five years. Small, Agile teams can no longer make do with “just enough” UI skills. While not all teams today have a dedicated full-time desiginer, elements of good design are skills that can be taught. People have different strengths and not everyone will be a fantastic designer, but by understanding some basic visual science, everyone can start to improve the software they’re working on. This presentation is refined from internal training we developed so developers could take more ownership for creating great UIs.

Attendees take away:

Basic understanding of visual harmony and pre-attentive processing
New skills to critically assess UI designs and identify concrete areas for improvement
Prioritised steps for improving any UI
Know enough to be dangerous and hassle your local UxD expert


About the Presenter: Julian Boot
Julian Boot has over 20 years experience building and managing software products. In 1995 he joined DSTC, an Internet R & D centre and spent several years developing network protocols and products before joining ThoughtWorks as a software and agile delivery consultant in 2002.

The following years were spent in various industries – online travel sites, insurance companies, large city councils, banks and start-ups, and reinforced his passion for solving real problems and creating new products. Now a reformed developer, he focuses on product design and business strategy. Recently Julian has been developing a design-focused product culture in a 10 year old startup.

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6.00pm – Welcome with light food

6.20pm – Presentation

7.30pm – Q & A



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