Dave Thomas

Mature Legacy Seeking Sexy New Technology for Fun and Profit – 28 Sept

Mature Legacy Seeking Sexy New Technology for Fun and Profit

Extracting Gold from Legacy Code

In this talk we describe the huge opportunity for innovation in Legacy systems! We argue there has never been a better time for creative legacy renovations which leverage new hot technologies – languages; data bases; web; cloud and Agile practices. Many talented developers turn up their noses or run away in fear from what they see as baroque environments with arcane tool chains. Talent panic often pushes for a grand rewrite using modern technology. Sadly experience shows the grand rewrite has too much risk and way too little business value. Hence given legacy investments the only option is innovation!
We illustrate legacy innovations via several case studies spanning a wide spectrum of legacy systems including: mainframe IT; Unix products; military systems; telecom; data banks and multi-vendor EAI and EAP applications. We explain the appropriate practices, teams, and tools to achieve high impact renovations by inserting new technology. We discuss appropriate investments in training, tooling and practices for different legacy environments. We look at approaches to ensuring lasting high value relationships between legacies and bleeding edge technology.


Think? Compute! See!!
End User Programming for Thinkers

In this talk we discuss our experience trying to make state of the art software technologies including functional programming, collaborative computing and visualization consumable by demanding customers we call Thinkers. The emerging discipline of Computational Science brings Thinkers and Software Experts together to create environments for Thinkers.
Thinkers are well educated domain and problem focused computationally literate end users. On a day by day basis thinkers live in BigData to collaboratively solve their business and technical challenges. Thinkers need a capability to Think-Compute-See and to actively participate in problem solutions. They reject being passive misunderstood requirements-changing Agile customers; have no use for end user tools for dummies; and question the cost and complexity of accepted software engineering approaches. Lacking better alternatives they often resort to hodgepodge collections of scripts and arcane tools


About Dave Thomas
Dave Thomas is a popular humorous albeit opinionated keynote speaker. Dave Thomas is a founding director of the Agile Alliance and is a Managing Director for Object Mentor a leader in XP, Craftmanship and Lean and Agile in the Large. Dave is doing the opening keynote for the Agile 2010 Conference.

Dave Thomas has an unusual depth and breadth in the software industry spanning developer to executive and investor. Dave is founder and CEO of Bedarra Corporation; which provides virtual CTO, CFO and CEO, business mentoring and seed investment to emerging companies. He is chairman of Bedarra Research Labs which undertakes speculative client funded applied research using emerging technologies. Current Projects are Collaborative Analytics and Next Generation Pervasive Platforms.

He was founder and CEO Object Technology International Inc. (OTI) (now IBM OTI Labs) and led the commercial introduction of object and component technology. The company is often cited as the ideal model of a software technology company. In the late 1980s Dave pioneered an early Lean and Agile process called Just In Time Software portions of which appear today in IBM Team Concert.

He was the principal technical and business visionary and architect for IBM VisualAge Smalltalk and Java tools and virtual machines including the popular Eclipse.org IDE. OTI pioneered the use of virtual machines in embedded systems with Tektronix shipping the first commercial products in 1988. He was instrumental in the establishment of IBM’s Pervasive computing efforts and in particular the Java tooling.

Dave is an adjunct research professor at Carleton University, and Queensland University of Technology and is widely published. Dave is the organiser for the YOW! Developer Conference and on the program committe for GoTo Conference as well as numerous other program committees.