JAOO Nights – Brisbane

JAOO Nights: An Evening For Software Professionals

In recognition of the importance of active software professionals who always seek to improve JAOO Australia in cooperation with our sponsors, and your local user groups is pleased to invite you to join us at JAOO Nights. Hear great JAOO speakers. Network with other software professionals.

It is well known that the Best people get the Best opportunities especially tough times. These people can play multiple positions on the software team. Reach beyond your favorite language, platform, paradigm or practice! Invest in yourself, increase your breadth your depth and your professional network. Invest in your community; share your experience and expertise with others. Connect with the global JAOO community – By Developers for Developers.

Free Stuff! -Your ticket enters you into the draw to win a free ticket to attend the JAOO Conference or Tutorial. Attendance is limited so book early.

Enjoy a fun JAOO event and experience first hand. Bring your colleague or your boss.


Joel Probar, CLR and Language Expert
Introduction to F#:

Functional programming is hot: there is growing awareness of the importance of functional programming techniques in the developer community. In this session, we explore F#, Microsoft’s new functional language for the .NET framework. We take a brief tour of the language constructs, then move on to very powerful F# features like Active Patterns, Asynchronous I/O Programming, Language Oriented Programming, and F# LINQ. Using all this newfound programming goodness, we explore interesting applications of F# to real-world problems.

(Joel Pobar is a compiler and languages geek who recently relocated to the sunny Gold Coast in Australia. He was previously a Program Manager on the Microsoft Common Language Runtime (CLR) team where he worked on late-bound dynamic CLR features and API’s, the Shared Source CLI (Rotor) program, Generics and Dynamic languages. He is active in the .NET community, spending his spare time writing blog entries, articles for his favourite publication (MSDN magazine), and regularly speaks at Microsoft technology conferences)

Erik Döernburg, TDD Expert, ThoughtWorks Inc.
Taking TDD to the Next Level

More and more developers are being drawn to Test Driven Development (TDD). It doesn’t take much time or effort to get going, especially after you have passed that first hurdle of approaching development using the mantra of “red-green-refactor” instead of “code for days and then debug and test”. But after a while you discover that TDD has more to it than just basic state-based testing. In this session Erik will present in-depth discussions of topics such as interaction-based testing, dependency injection, classical vs mockist testing, test doubles, builders, and Hamcrest matchers.

(Erik Doernenburg is a Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks Inc. where he is helping clients with the design and implementation of large-scale enterprise solutions. Building on his experience with J2EE, Microsoft .NET and other environments, Erik is continually exploring patterns of enterprise software. He is an advocate of agile development and Open Source software, holds a degree in Informatics from the University of Dortmund and has studied Computer Science and Linguistics at the University College Dublin)