The Internet Of Scary Things – CHRISTOPHER BIGGS – 29 July



The Internet of Things (IoT) has recently been somewhat of a laughing stock, with poorly designed and managed IoT devices being associated with severe privacy leaks, theft of service, and botnet-perpetrated denial-of-service attacks. The currently circulating joke goes “The S in IoT stands for Security!”

This presentation covers how to recognise and avoid risks to your business from adopting IoT, some best practices for selecting and deploying IoT devices, and most importantly, for developers of IoT products, how to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past, through good architecture, quality processes and use of the right tools and frameworks. I will talk about ways to ensure that less-secure or rogue devices cannot damage your network or the Internet at large, how to monitor and control your IoT devices to keep them safe and functional, and how to choose among the growing collection of incompatible frameworks for IoT systems.

IoT is the Wild West – Criminals have outrun the Law, but the Law, and good development practices, are catching up. My presentation will teach you about the guidelines, traps, tools and frameworks that you need to know about to avoid becoming the next “IoT is…” joke.

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Christopher Biggs has been into Open Systems since the early 90s and was there at the birth of Linux and 386BSD. His interest in electronics and connected devices goes back even further.

Christopher’s career encompasses software development, system architecture and engineering management. He built and managed a diverse, global team of over 60 developers at a leading Brisbane IT company. Christopher is now the principal of Accelerando Consulting, a boutique consultancy specialising in IoT, DevOps mentorship and Cloud Data.

Christopher is a co-convenor of the Brisbane Internet of Things interest group, and was a founding executive memeber of HUMBUG, the Brisbane open systems user group. He has presented at conferences and user groups around Australia, and convened a weekly technology lecture series for the entire technology department at a previous workplace.

In his spare time he builds and blogs robots with his three children, and adds to the growing Internet of Things.





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YOW! Night 2017 Singapore, Hong Kong – Charles O’Farrell – July 18,19

Property Based Testing

Testing is an essential part of writing and maintaining correct and reliable software. However, for the most part the best technique we have for writing tests is to capture some examples in the hope that they cover all the known edge cases. Unfortunately these examples almost always missing something.

What if we could ask the computer to generate these examples? Not just a handful, but hundreds of them that we never even considered. It turns out we can! By using the technique known as Property Based Testing.

This talk will explore the motivation and concepts behind this powerful testing technique. We also introduce a number of simple but useful patterns that can be applied again and again when writing properties. In addition this talk will highlight a handful of compelling examples of Property Based Testing uncovering nasty bugs in real world software.

Finally, apart from learning about why and how to use Property Based Testing to write better software, the audience will also realise that testing can be made more enjoyable in the process.

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Charles is a Software Engineer at Ambiata. He cares about correct and reliable software, and is still learning about it every day. He believes that Property Based Testing is an essential tool for writing good software.





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