Dave Thomas

Huge Memory + Collection Oriented Programming – Dave Thomas

Huge Memory + Collection Oriented Programming => Less Code, More Speed? – – MAY 19 | MAY 18 | MAY 14


Technology gurus predict that by 2017/2018 we’ll have computers with 10 terabytes of non-volatile memory. This talk will explore the disruptive impact of massive amounts of memory and try to answer the following questions:

  • What are the potential benefits and costs of all this free and persistent memory?
  • Will be have database or file systems or transaction read/write sets or Java style garbage collection?
  • What happens to application architectures and development in the huge memory world?
  • How can large memory make development better and execution faster?


Dave Thomas is widely known for his work on languages, specifically Smalltalk, Java VMs and environments (Eclipse) and was a founding Director of the Agle Alliance. His database experience includes keyed, inverted files, hierarchical, network, relational, object, version repositories, No and New SQL technologies, end user query and visualization. He has pioneered unique industrial innovations in high performance database refactoring, object serialization and legacy data migration. Most recently Dave has been working on an interactive analytic environment for copious data engineers.


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