Open Space Community Night Melbourne – 28 Nov

Colleagues and YOW! Speakers networking in a knowledge sharing Open Space format.

What is an Open Space:

Open-space technology on Wikipedia

A brief users’s guide to open-space technology

rom 5.30pm to 8.30pm for a drink and light food followed by great discussions and networking, facilitated and guided by fellow network developers and YOW! Speakers.


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The What, Why, Where and How of Event Sourcing – Greg Young – 12, 15, 20 Nov

The What, Why, Where and How of Event Sourcing

Event sourcing offers a different perspective for many domains. Building current state by re-playing series of previous facts has some unique advantages (and dis-advantages) compared to how many systems are currently being built today. This talk looks at what Event Sourcing is, and why and where you may want ot use it, and how it can be done.


About the Presenter: Greg Young

Greg Young is a loud mouth about many things including CQRS, Event Sourcing, and getting your tests to do something more than validating your code. He currently is involved with Event Store a functional database



5.30pm – Welcome with drinks and light food

6.00pm – Presentation with Q & A following

7.30pm – Networking drinks following presentation



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