Christmas YOW! Night Sydney – 7 Dec


YOW! Conference in cooperation with DiUS, Atlassian, UNSW and the Sydney user community are pleased to present keynote speakers Simon Peyton Jones, Cameron Purdy and John Hughes. Learn about why Functional Programming and Haskell will impact the future of computing. Hear first hand about the future of the JVM, and finally how to test concurrent applications from NoSQL to automotive protocols.

Network with speakers and colleagues, fill up on deep tech and enjoy a drink with your colleagues and the YOW! team. This is likely the only opportunity to hear these international experts in Sydney!


Simon Peyton Jones
In his keynote Escape from the ivory tower: the Haskell journey, from 1990 to 2011, Haskell inventor and MS Principle Researcher Simon Peyton Jones explains why FP and its importance in the future parallel world. Haskell inspired MS LINQ; and F# as well as Scala and Erlang and Clojure and financial DSLs.

Simon Peyton Jones, MA, MBCS, CEng, graduated from Trinity College Cambridge in 1980. After two years in industry, he spent seven years as a lecturer at University College London, and nine years as a professor at Glasgow University, before moving to Microsoft Research (Cambridge) in 1998.…more…..


Cameron Purdy
Oracle VP Cameron Purdy shares his vision of the future of Java and the JVM in his keynote Top 10 JVM Erroneous Zones. Cameron is founder of Oracle Coherence and lead efforts in the Java cache space including the recently announced JSR. In early in 2011 became responsible for Oracles Java/JVMdevelopment bringing together Jrocket and HotSpot VM technologies.

Cameron Purdy is Vice President of Development at Oracle. Prior to joining Oracle, Cameron was the CEO of Tangosol, whose revolutionary Coherence Data Grid product provides reliable and scalable data management across the enterprise. He has been working with Java and Java-related technology since 1996.….more….


SJohn Hughes
John Hughes invited talk Better Testing With Less Work: QuickCheck Testing in Practice explains how to test highly concurrent systems from autotive protocols to NoSQL DBs. John’s paper Why FP Matters is a classic and well known for his work on QuickCheck etc.

John Hughes has worked with functional programming since 1980, was one of the designers of Haskell, and has been heavily involved with Erlang in recent years. In 2000 he and Koen Claessen published the first version of QuickCheck...more…