Dave Thomas

Transitioning to Clouds & Big Data – YOW! Night 4, 5 Oct | 29 sept

Words of Experience, Bits of Advice


YOW! Conference in cooperation with the Melbourne user community are pleased to present three experience reports on Transitioning to Clouds and Big Data. Our speakers share their stories about what does and doesn’t work. This is a unique opportunity to learn, validate your own experience or share your mobile experience with others. Come early for light food and drinks, meet new people, catch up with old friends… Find out what’s happening in your local developer community.

Transitioning to the Cloud at MYOB: Mahesh Krishnan – Principal Consultant, Readify
MYOB is considered to be one of the largest Azure projects in the world. Mahesh Krishnan has been a technical leader for this project. The application currently in beta, will eventually host hundreds of thousands of SQL Azure databases. It makes use of most Azure facilities including web roles, worker roles, VM roles, queues, blobs, tables, custom claims based authentication, Sync services, etc., etc. You will learn what you need to think about when transitioning your own business or application to Azure. For those of who heard MYOB CTO Simon Raik-Allen talk at YOW! 2010 this is a chance to get a technical update on the project.

Mahesh Krishnan is a Principal Consultant for Readify in Melbourne. He has worked on a variety of products and projects ranging from shrink wrapped apps to large enterprise solutions. Mahesh is very active in the .NET community, running user groups, organising “Developer Developer Developer” in Melbourne and presents regularly at conferences.

Teaching Machines to See in the Cloud – Philip Haynes – CTO and Co-Founder of Mercurien Limited
Reliable, accurate and low cost machine vision promises numerous opportunities from security, robotics, and medicine. Machine vision is key enabler for large scale, low cost road tolling which gives states the ability to implement motor vehicle policy to control green house gas emissions. Cloud computing allows wicked problems to be solved in a new ways by providing insights not historically available. This talk examines a number of key design principles used to successfully develop and deploy a cloud based machine vision system deployed successfully on Bondi Beach. Technical approaches are demonstrated and how these influenced approaches to algorithm design, parallel computing, GPGPU, networking and mass storage in non-obvious ways.

Philip Haynesis the CTO and Co-Founder of Mercurien Limited. Haynes leads the team that delivers the cloud based, machine vision and transactional platform that efficientlyenables road asset owners to manage their assets. Prior to co-founding Mercurien, Haynes has over 10 years experience at senior executive and project delivery levels including principal consultant role for Object Consulting Pty Ltd (5 years), executive technical management positions e.g. Super-IP, Capital Bet, Aristocrat and Mobilesoft. Haynes has significant experience in software delivery projectstotalling over $200 million.

Think? Compute! See!! – End User Programming for Thinkers – Dave Thomas – Chairman Bedarra Research Labs
The emerging discipline of Computational Science brings Thinkers and Software Experts together to create environments for Thinkers. Thinkers are well educated domain and problem focused computationally literate end users. They live and work in BigData to collaboratively solve their business and technical problems. Thinkers need a capability to Think-Compute-See and to actively participate in problem solutions. In this talk we discuss our experience trying to make state of the art software technologies including functional programming, collaborative computing and visualization consumable by Thinkers.

Dave Thomas is an Old Country Programmer, Chairman Bedarra Research Labs, YOW! Conference Organizer, International Adjunct Professor QUT, a founding director of the Agile Alliance, god father if Eclipse and IBM Smalltalk and Java platforms. www.davethomas.net