Hidden NServiceBus Gems – Udi Dahan – 5 July


Although NServiceBus has been around for a while, many developers are only familiar with the top-level public API. Join Udi Dahan for a look into some of the lesser known capabilities of NServiceBus that just might save you from having to reinvent the wheel.



Udi Dahan is The Software Simplist, an internationally renowned expert on software architecture and design. A solutions architecture and connected systems MVP, 5 years in a row, Udi is also one of 33 experts in Europe recognized by the International .NET Association.

During the past decade of consulting with enterprise clients and large-scale web sites, Udi noticed they all needed service bus technology but that none of the existing offerings were good enough. After 5 years of growing a framework used by his clients in the most severe production scenarios, Udi released NServiceBus to the world. Since then, it has had over 10 major releases and is now used by companies, large and small, all over the world both for its scalability and simplicity.



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6.00pm Presentation