Manuel Chakravarty – “Demystifying functional programming and what that means for learning & teaching”

Did you ever wonder: Is functional programming hard? Do you have to be a math whiz? What about the jargon? This talk has answers. Functional programming is sometimes perceived to be unapproachable, with unfamiliar jargon, obscure concepts, and bewildering theories. This seems counter to…

For more details and to register: March 22 – Brisbane


Zhamak Dehghani  – “API Gateway to Service Mesh: Navigating a Changing Landscape”

Reflecting back on 2017, Service mesh has undoubtedly been one of the most exciting advances in infrastructure support for microservices and distributed systems architecture. However the introduction of service mesh into the architecture has raised questions around applicability of API gateway, which has led to many gateway vendors rethinking their product….

For more details and to register: March 27 – Sydney

YOW! Night Partnered with AWS

This special YOW! Night, partnered with AWS brings together three speakers. Registered attendees will also be automatically issued an acess pass to AWS Summit Sydney on 10-12 April 2018 at the International Convention Centre. AWS will set up your registration with a barcode you can use on the day to enter the event.

For more details and to register: April 12 – Sydney

Neal Ford  – “Building Evolutionary Architectures”

An evolutionary architecture supports incremental, guided change across multiple dimensions.

For many years, software architecture was described as the “parts that are hard to change later”. But then microservices showed that if architects build evolvability into the architecture, change becomes easier. This talk, based on my upcoming book, investigates the family of software architectures that support evolutionary change, along with how to build evolvable systems. Understand…..

For more details and to register: April 18 – Hong Kong

Mike Amundsen  – “APIs : From Good to Great”

These days, with so many tools, frameworks, and platforms on the market, just about everyone can build and deploy an API on the Web. And most of those APIs are pretty good. But they’re rarely great.

It turns out Great APIs don’t rely on any single format, library, or platform — they are defined by key attributes and principles employed when the API is designed, built, and deployed….

For more details and to register: April 18 – Perth