You Can Do Better With Kotlin – SVETLANA ISAKOVA – 26, 27 Sept

  SUMMARY This YOW! Night is devoted to the Kotlin programming language. It’s a modern language that gives more power in everyday routines and is gaining popularity amongst the Java developer community. Kotlin code generally looks cleaner and nicer, and it’s much easier to work with when you have less verbosity or code duplication. But […]

Dave Thomas

The Joy of Vector Programming – Dave Thomas – 5, 13 Sept

  SUMMARY In this talk, Dave and Tom will explain why vector or array programming (technically applicative functional programming) is so empowering and important in a data driven world. Many experienced vector programmers will be surprised to learn how vector programming applies outside of finance to unstructured applications such as text analytics, graph analytics and […]

Lake, Swamp or Puddle: Data Quality at Scale – 22, 23, 24 Aug

SUMMARY Data is a powerful tool. Data-driven systems leveraging modern analytical and predictive techniques can offer significant improvements over static or heuristic driven systems. The question is: how much can you trust your data? Data collection, processing and aggregation is a challenging task. How do we build confidence in our data? Where did the data […]

The Power of the Network – ANDREW BETTS – 8, 10, 14 Aug

  SUMMARY Web developers are increasingly responsible for the performance of the sites they build, and there is now a plethora of advanced tools and services that allow developers to hone front end performance as never before. But the network can still be your biggest bottleneck. This talk will discuss best practices and creative strategies […]

Application Delivery and Release Management – VINCENT DE SMET – 9 Aug

  SUMMARY Adoption of Agile methodologies for application development requires companies to adopt a culture of shared responsibilities between Developers and Operators. A major facilitator in adopting this DevOps culture has been the rise of Linux Containers. A new ecosystem of tools and systems around Linux Containers is evolving at a fast pace to simplify […]

The Internet Of Scary Things – CHRISTOPHER BIGGS – 29 July

  SUMMARY The Internet of Things (IoT) has recently been somewhat of a laughing stock, with poorly designed and managed IoT devices being associated with severe privacy leaks, theft of service, and botnet-perpetrated denial-of-service attacks. The currently circulating joke goes “The S in IoT stands for Security!” This presentation covers how to recognise and avoid […]

Property Based Testing – CHARLES O’FARRELL – 18, 19 July

  SUMMARY Testing is an essential part of writing and maintaining correct and reliable software. However, for the most part the best technique we have for writing tests is to capture some examples in the hope that they cover all the known edge cases. Unfortunately these examples almost always missing something. What if we could […]

Dave Thomas

10 Ways to Accelerate Software Development – DAVE THOMAS – 11, 8 May

  SUMMARY A major dominant concern for most software development is how to increase the productivity of development; evolution and/or execution. Systemic change in process and/or technology seldom result in more than an incremental impact on productivity and ROI. Increased value is best achieved by targeting specific waste/opportunities in the value chain by introducing an […]

THE MARVEL GUIDE FOR DEVELOPERS – Melinda Seckington – 9 May

  THE MARVEL GUIDE FOR DEVELOPERS by Melinda Seckington Iron Man. Thor. Black Widow. Spider-Man. Captain America. Forget ninja developers and rockstar developers. What I’m more interested in is the superhero developer: these are the developers that do their best to help others, that try to give back to their community, and generally make the […]

The Perfect Language – BODIL STOKKE – 4 May

  SUMMARY There’s no such thing as the perfect programming language. I’m sorry, but there isn’t, and I’ll explain why. On the other hand, if you were set the task of designing the perfect language, how close could you get, how would you go about it, and what would it look like in the end? […]

Go Faster Remove the Inhibitors to Innovation – 6 Apr

  SUMMARY The industry is replete with fresh topics: DevOps, Cloud Computing, MicroServices, Lean Startup, Full­stack Developers, Agile Variations, and the like. Having seen all these at conferences, there is an emerging theme around all these topics: Go Faster.Going faster is an old theme; I have heard it for over four decades. But the business […]

IoT and Microservices in the Home – FRED GEORGE – 5, 11 Apr

  SUMMARY IoT, the prevalence of specialized interconnected devices, has invaded business and home. The myriad of devices, hubs, and APIs has created a Tower of Babel that makes the Android phone scene seem mild. Such devices are inherently less networkreliable than previous products, primarily due to the casual attachment (convenient outlets). Add to this […]

IoT and Microservices in the Home – Fred George – 21 , 28 , 29 March

  SUMMARY IoT, the prevalence of specialized interconnected devices, has invaded business and home. The myriad of devices, hubs, and APIs has created a Tower of Babel that makes the Android phone scene seem mild. Such devices are inherently less networkreliable than previous products, primarily due to the casual attachment (convenient outlets). Add to this heterogeneous soup the security exposure […]

Traversing the Org Chart – KRIS HOWARD – 22 Feb

Traversing the Org Chart SUMMARY Like many techies, Kris spent her career studiously avoiding going into management. Then over the course of three years, she embarked on two radical experiments: The first was to make the leap from an individual contributor on a tech team in a traditional hierarchical company to the person in charge. […]


GOOGLE CLOUD DATA PIPELINE PATTERNS In 2017, Google will open a cloud data center in Australia. GCP includes a number of services (BigQuery, BigTable, Cloud SQL…) to consider for your project. Which service(s) are most commonly used and in what combination(s)? Hear details of GCP pipeline architecture patterns that have been successful for Lynn’s customers. […]

YOW! Night 2017 Sydney – Martin Odersky – 7 Feb

SUMMARY In this talk Martin Odersky will present some recent developments that pave the way for where Scala is going. The first part covers foundations: We can move confidently ahead only when working on a thoroughly understood basis. 2016 has seen great progress in this respect. Martin presented DOT, a particularly simple calculus that is […]