Lake, Swamp or Puddle: Data Quality at Scale

Lake, Swamp or Puddle: Data Quality at ScaleRegister here: BRISBANE – 22 AUG | MELBOURNE – 23 AUG | SYDNEY – 24 AUG   Data is a powerful tool. Data-driven systems leveraging modern analytical and predictive techniques can offer significant improvements over static or heuristic driven systems. The question is: how much can you trust your data? Data […]

The Power of the Network

The Power Of the Network Register here: SYDNEY – 8 AUG | BRISBANE – 10 AUG | SINGAPORE – 14 AUG YOW! Night – The Power of the Network by Andrew Betts Web developers are increasingly responsible for the performance of the sites they build, and there is now a plethora of advanced tools and services that allow developers to […]

Application Delivery and Release Management with Containers, Kubernetes and Helm

Register here: HONG KONG – 9 AUG  Adoption of Agile methodologies for application development requires companies to adopt a culture of shared responsibilities between Developers and Operators. A major facilitator in adopting this DevOps culture has been the rise of Linux Containers. A new ecosystem of tools and systems around Linux Containers is evolving at a […]