Traversing the Org Chart

SINGAPORE – WEDNESDAY 22 FEBRUARY 2017 Traversing the Org Chart SUMMARY Like many techies, Kris spent her career studiously avoiding going into management. Then over the course of three years, she embarked on two radical experiments: The first was to make the leap from an individual contributor on a tech team in a traditional hierarchical […]


GOOGLE CLOUD DATA PIPELINE PATTERNS In 2017, Google will open a cloud data center in Australia. GCP includes a number of services (BigQuery, BigTable, Cloud SQL…) to consider for your project. Which service(s) are most commonly used and in what combination(s)? Hear details of GCP pipeline architecture patterns that have been successful for Lynn’s customers. […]

Martin Odersky – YOW! Night Sydney Feb 7

  From DOT to Dotty Sydney, 7 February SUMMARY In this talk Martin Odersky will present some recent developments that pave the way for where Scala is going. The first part covers foundations: We can move confidently ahead only when working on a thoroughly understood basis. 2016 has seen great progress in this respect. Martin […]